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Join us for over 25 sessions exploring creativity, faith, and community...

Created in the Image of God: Exploring Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste & Touch as Followers of Jesus

Taking place online from June 15 - June 19, 2022.
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The Creative Christianity Summit includes 30+ sessions, including Bible teaching, worship & prayer, creative workshops, interviews, and more!

"My favourite thing about the Summit has been the focus on Jesus. I've just loved being reminded in so many ways that it's really all about him."

- Abi, Attendee at our 2020 event

"I love how honest everyone has been in their journey. It's really helped me see how the Word comes alive in every realm of my life."

- Kaydi, Attendee at our 2020 event

"Every session has been filled with such positivity, it's inspiring. Each one is different, but all have been uplifting, helpful, and encouraging. I can't pick a favourite because every guest has brought something truly valuable to the table."

- Gill, Attendee at our 2020 event

Why the Creative Christianity Summit? 🤔

Our aim with the Creative Christianity Summit is to create a joyful and fun experience for people that highlights some of the amazing ways people can engage with who Jesus is through the creative arts.

 This year's event is exploring the senses - each day, we're going to be exploring a different part of what it means to experience creation and physical life as a follower of Jesus.

Day 1: Sight / Eyes
Wednesday 15 June

Day 2: Hearing / Ears
Thursday 16 June

Day 3: Smell / Nose
Friday 17 June

Day 4: Taste / Mouth
Saturday 18 June

Day 5: Touch / Skin
Sunday 19 June

This sounds amazing, I'm in!

Here's what you get when you join this year's Summit...

💕 Over 20 professional Christian creatives sharing wisdom & experience designed to encourage you and help you grow closer to Jesus

📖 Christ-centred Bible teaching and sessions looking at creativity as a follower of Jesus

📹 Talks & sessions exploring sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch as Christians and creatives

🎨 A variety of creative workshops you can easily do from home to learn a new creative skill, delivered by professional creatives

🥰 Virtual community spaces so you can connect & share your reflections with other attendees, ask questions, be encouraged and make new creative friends

📅 An All Access Pass upgrade so you can watch and rewatch the sessions, listen to the session audios, and access exclusive bonuses!

The Creative Christianity Summit is a 5-day virtual event exploring faith, creativity & community with 20+ Speakers from around the world.

It's 5 days of fun, faith, and creativity.

It's 25+ sessions of inspiration, storytelling, and catching a bigger vision of reality.

It's an event full of community, encouragement, and connection.

It's a Jesus-centred summit of joy, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Sound good?

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Meet your host...

This event is hosted by Menekse Stewart, founder of Cheerfully Given. Cheerfully Given is a UK-based organisation with a marketplace of over 280 Christian artists and designers.

As well as our marketplace, we work with churches around the UK to create beautiful workshops and events, and provide resources and support for creative business owners to grow their businesses.

Menekse interviews guest experts, as well as delivering a series of sessions on creativity.

Why join the Summit?

Obviously there are loads of reasons we think you should join us this year, but here are a few highlights. The Creative Christianity Summit is...

💛 Jesus-centred - Everything we do as Christians is about Jesus and sharing Him! The event is designed to lift your heart and mind to focus on Him, so that you can go out refreshed by His Spirit to do the Father’s will in your community.

🤓 Value-packed - The digital format means you can enjoy sessions from experts all over the world, from lots of different professional backgrounds within the creative space.

💰 Affordable - This year, you can register for a free pass or an all access pass so that the event is as accessible as possible for every budget!

⏰ Flexible - The Summit premiers over 5 days from June 15-19 with sessions throughout the week. If you've got an All Access Pass, you can rewatch the sessions all year round!

🥰 Designed to refresh and equip you, we have created the event in a way that lets you watch things at your own pace over the weeks and months to come

🌎 Virtual, so you can attend from anywhere in the world!

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  • 5 days exploring our senses as followers of Jesus with over 20 speakers & hosts
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  • Worship and Bible teaching each day
  • Digital workshops to learn new creative skills
  • Exclusive event community group including live Q&As and fun activities

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