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Helping you explore the beauty of Jesus through community, creativity and business.

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Whether it's our one of our virtual events exploring creativity and faith, our supportive community for Christians in business, or our brand new Art Club, there's something in our digital space designed for you!

"I feel like part of a big creative family whose aim is to worship our wonderful Creator God!"
"It's been lovely to take a breath and reconnect with that still, small voice - the voice that directs my creativity, finding the wonder in Him again."
"I have learned more creatively, drawn closer to God, realised I am outrageously loved by Him, and met lovely people online!"
"It's so amazing to see Christian creatives from around the world ON FIRE for Jesus. Only He can bring people with different backgrounds and cultures together in this way!"

Cheerful Business is our stream for Christians in business who are this, this, and this - we have resources and community to help people grow their businesses while following Jesus.

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Jesus is the centre of everything: that includes our businesses, creativity, and work.

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A fun, affordable membership community for anyone who wants to explore their creativity - this is a space to play with colour and creation without pressure!

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“I have never felt closer to God in my life… Connecting with God and Christian business owners has been life changing for me and my creative business.” - Karrie

“My relationship with God has deepened through how we are encouraged to have Jesus at the centre of each business step we take.” - Nikki

“My relationship with God has deepened a lot which impacts both my business, personal and family life. One of the biggest lessons TPC has taught me is that I can pray for my business!” - Judith

“Such a helpful community, all questions can be asked without feeling silly. So much willingness to share ideas and solutions, great mentors, no pressure - just encouragement.” Kay

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Over the years, we have created a series of virtual resources exploring what it means to be Jesus-centred in our approach to productivity, finances, and identity and comparison. You can watch them on demand, including through a mobile app.

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Who are we?

Cheerfully Given exists to help every Christian share the beauty of Jesus in their homes, churches, and communities.

Our marketplace features over 270 artists and designers, our events attract hundreds of people from around the world, our business support helps Christian creatives and business owners be radically Jesus-centred in their vision, productivity, mindset, goals, finances, and impact, and our wider community is passionate about making Jesus known in the world through their local church families.

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