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 Join our affiliate programme! 

If you love Cheerfully Given’s resources, whether it’s The Cheerful Business Club, The Bible Journaling Club, or one of our other course products, and you want to share it with your friends, we would love to have you as an affiliate!

Help spread the word, and earn 20-25% commission for everyone who joins us through your link.

What is an affiliate programme

When you join us as one of our affiliate partners, we will give you a commission for every person who joins through your link. Plus, we’ll provide you with resources like graphics and swipe copy (captions, emails, and so on) so you can promote your affiliate link with ease!

What commission can you earn as an affiliate?

For our business membership, The Cheerful Business Club, you will earn 20% of the person’s membership for as long as they’re a member.

For the rest of our courses (which are a one-off payment), you will earn 25% per sign up.

How much is that in money?

If someone joins The Bible Journaling Club at £30 per month, you would earn £6 for as long as they are a member.

If someone joins a course like Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, which is £39, you will earn a one-off payment of £9.75.

Once you have submitted your affiliate application, you will receive confirmation along with your very own affiliate pack.

The key item in the pack is your unique affiliate link. 

You will receive commission for anyone who purchases through that link (you will receive payout details in your pack).   

The pack includes a whole suite of marketing materials to make it as straightforward as possible for you to promote our resources. 

You will receive:

💛 Social media graphics, including portrait graphics for Stories

💛 A sample marketing plan, including content ideas for promoting your affiliate link

💛 Swipe copy for social media captions you can easily edit to add to posts

💛 Swipe copy for emails to send out to your audience

💛 Ideas for leveraging your existing platforms

It’s simple: we have an amazing product, and you have an audience who will love it. So we want to partner with you in a way that’s mutually beneficial, and make it as easy as possible in the process!

Step 1: Sign up using the form below.

Step 2: Share the links in your affiliate portal.

Step 3: We collect cookies over 30 days, 
tracking clicks from your links.

Step 4: Someone buys using your link - yay! You get from 20% - 25% of the sale price (depending on what item is). 

Step 5: At the end of each month, the funds will be sent to your linked Paypal account.

We have an affiliate application form so that we don't get bots or spam users - this means there is a short delay between submitting your form and getting your affiliate links. 

Pop your details in below and we'll be in touch when you're approved and your account is all setup.

We're so excited to have you join us!