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Confidently grow your business as a follower of Jesus.

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All of life and reality is about Jesus.

That includes your business.

Welcome to The Cheerful Business Club: A monthly membership to help you grow your business as a follower of Jesus.

It’s a place where we keep our hearts & minds fixed on Jesus, finding our true purpose and identity in Him regardless of our industry or business size.

It’s a place where we work with our whole hearts, as to the Lord and not for human masters.

It’s a place where we support each other’s unique gifts, calling, and purpose, and hold each other accountable to what the Living God has given us to do.

It’s a place where we pray for the Spirit of excellence in our work and provide resources to help you learn skills and systems for growth. 

It’s a place where we trust Christ in every circumstance. 

It's a place for you.

It’s for people who are part-time or full-time, working 4 hours a week or 40, who are just starting out or are a few years in.

It’s for the people seeking wisdom, support, and training, it’s for people who want community and mentoring, it’s for people growing their businesses.

It’s for the lonely, the isolated, and the weary. It’s for the joyful, the energised, and the encouragers. 

It’s for the people who want to run their businesses in a way that reflects their faith in Jesus, and it’s for the people who have been trying to find the key to success and wonder if this Jesus approach can help. 

It’s a membership for you.

I want to join!

Running a business is hard. Running a business as a Christian is even harder.

Making money, self-promotion, the challenge of balancing faith and ambition is not to be taken lightly.

Then, there’s everything involved in the day-to-day: products, services, marketing, sales, finances, systems… Somehow trying to balance it with life, family, and church.

And secular business advice doesn’t help…

Hustle harder…

But God tells you to rest.

Make more money…

But God tells you to store up treasures in heaven.

Be more visible & promote yourself more…

But what about humility? Isn’t self-promotion wrong?

Manifest your dreams…

But we are told to stand against spiritual forces & set our hearts on Jesus.

It can be totally overwhelming.

That’s why we started The Cheerful Business Club.

In this community, we believe that Jesus is the centre of all reality, and it’s only in Him we find our true purpose and identity.

It’s only in Him that we can “fix” our mindsets and learn what success truly looks like (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with how profitable your business is). 

We’re here to help you build your business as a follower of Jesus: 

  •  With access to mentors who love Jesus and have proven experience in different parts of business growth and development
  •  With a supportive community of people who will encourage you, pray for you, and who understand the journey of being in business
  •  With resources and training designed to encourage action, reduce overwhelm, and help you step out in confidence as you grow your business

We’re not talking about adding a Bible verse onto secular wisdom and hoping for the best. 

We’re talking about building confidence in purpose, ambition, marketing, finances, productivity, community, and so much more - because of what Jesus teaches us about it.

Are you ready to join us?

Be confident in your business. Be faithful in your journey.

Count me in!

Hear some of our members' stories...

"My biggest result to date is that I had an 8-day experience taking my brand into a John Lewis store in the 5th biggest shopping centre in the UK. Because of this community, I was able to take a leap into the unknown and see a work of God transpire through my business… This time last year, I didn't ever have that even in mind.

The Cheerful Business Club has helped my walk with Jesus in the most phenomenal way. It has taught me that if I'm consistent in laying hold of God in prayer, in contending for God's faithfulness over my business, despite the seasons that my business may go through, I can cling cling to the truth of God - cling to His everlasting love, cling to the fact that He will hold me in His everlasting arms, and uphold me through the dark times. He'll walk with me through the valleys, because his Word is true. 

I've never felt so welcome and able to be transparent with every step. There’s no competition, everybody has their lane, and we all encourage you in whatever you are doing so with that."

Fiona Williams | Calligrafi Design

"I absolutely love the mentoring calls with experienced business owners, the wisdom and advice given there by people who love the Lord Jesus, being part of a community of business owners who are Christians and want to celebrate Jesus in all they do, and the fantastic resource library and hub, which is fantastic for someone like me who is a new business owner

I was struggling to get structures in place and processes for how to do things within my business. The Cheerful Business Club has been such a great help not only with the resource library, but being able to be part of a community of business owners who you can ask questions, get ideas from, find out how they're doing things, how they're approaching things - that's been invaluable, because we're also all in different situations and circumstances.

Being in the Club means being part of a community of other business owners who understand - who you can share both your joys and your challenges with. And I am really grateful for that."

Roché Brook | By the Brook Creations

“My business has grown with regard to sales. I can see a big increase with regards to marketing. I now know that my business has to be visible and I'm, you know, I'm confident to put it out there with the tools that have been given on the course.

The best thing has been putting systems in place and seeing them help me - instead of responding to each customer at one time, I have systems in place to get it done nicely, smoothly and quickly.

The Club has really helped my walk with Christ - the monthly prayer points, praying for the business with prayer points based on a scripture, and devotional sessions by Paul that you can go back to and listen again. The Christian theme running through everything that we do makes a big difference. I honestly don't think I've ever seen anything like that, so that has been a privilege for me to be part of.”

Asha Konde | Cake Passion

My relationship with God has deepened a lot which impacts both my business, personal and family life. One of the biggest lessonsThe Cheerful Business Club has taught me is that I can pray for my business! I am learning so much about marketing and processes… All in all my business is moving forward, guided by God and with the help of an amazing team of tutors and inspiring small biz owners.” - Judith C. 

"The Cheerful Business Club is a treasure for me. I immensely value the constant reminder to keep Jesus #1 priority and focus in my business. I value the great encouragement, prayer, and support from the leaders and community alike. I walk away each time feeling motivated, on purpose, and with a joyful heart in awe of God. I have shared my excitement about the group with friends, and am so grateful for it.” - Rachel V.P.

“I spent 2 years working trying to make a business from my art before The Cheerful Business Club, and it was confusing and unfulfilling. The Cheerful Business Club has given me focus and a confident understanding of my business. One of my long term goals was to sell cards at a Christian bookshop and two months in, I've just delivered my first wholesale order to a Christian bookshop! I could go on and on.....!!!” - Lea A.

What makes The Cheerful Business Club different?

We look up.

We want to fix our hearts and minds on the Living God in the highest heaven, knowing that Jesus is the centre of life and reality.

We serve in.

We use our gifts to serve our community, with experienced mentors. We spend time encouraging and praying for each other.

We step out

We have training and resources that will help you work with excellence. We don’t just focus on knowing, we focus on doing.

Grounded with a firm faith, we take action. 

We are all uniquely called and uniquely gifted. 

Whatever our business size, whatever our business goals, our vision of life needs to be centred on Jesus.

... If we’re building a business in 2 hours a week

... If we’re building a business in term time and school hours

... If we’re building a business around chronic illness

... If we’re building a business to be full time

... If we’re building a business to be full time + team members

That’s what The Cheerful Business Club is all about.

I'm in, sign me up!

Take a look inside The Club...


Hear more of our members' stories...

I started my website in March 2021, having only sold on Etsy before that. It would have taken me hours and hours, but because of all the resources in the Club, it took me an hour. It saved me a bunch of time and it's made my website so much better - more user friendly. And it's being found on google now!

I now have some really good systems in place, and as boring as that sounds, it saves me a lot of time, saves me a lot of stress and I feel like I'm in control and know what I'm doing. I now pay myself a salary, which is pretty exciting and I’ve also been accepted as a seller on Cheerfully Given the website.

I've seen Jesus at work in my business - it's not separate from the rest of my life. I have seen Him at work and I've been able to witness and testify that He is at work in every area of life.”

Anna Hamill | And Hope Designs

"When I started, I didn’t have an idea where to start. The mentors have been fantastic, and different members have helped me in different ways. I’ve been able to launch my business, and launch a professional looking website - and being part of a community where I feel like there’s somebody I can ask if I’m not sure about something. 

I think more about how I pray, about what God's purpose is for me, and to work in an ethical way that is a good witness to others of my faith. Josephine is a fantastic prayer warrior, and really makes your heart want to learn to pray, and have God at the centre of your business.

What you get is worth so much, and the encouragement and working with other like minded creatives and community - people who are all Christians - is really, really good."

Kay Grey | Speak English with Kay

"My favourite thing about The Cheerful Business Club is definitely the community - just knowing that you are in a space with people who are business owners and love Jesus the same way as you makes your journey feel not so lonely. 

I definitely had a block when it came to social media. The Club has helped me in coming up with a plan, with scheduling my social media and just working my way around that wall that I had in my head all this time, but also showing me how to tie it into my brand to make everything cohesive across the board.

I love the devotionals and I absolutely love the prayer meetings and community calls. You definitely feel that connection with the Holy Spirit. It feels very safe to share and we are able to tackle things and change perspectives where necessary in line with the things of God. The Club has really showed me how important it is to put Jesus first in your business.

It has been the best decision I have made for my business. They have really put their hearts and their souls in giving us what we need to run our businesses as best as we can in a Christ-centred way."

Danielle G. | Faithkind Art

So what exactly is The Cheerful Business Club?

It's a monthly membership with community, group mentoring, and resources that helps you confidently grow your business as a follower of Jesus.

Christian Business Community

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Monthly Prayer Sessions

Our monthly prayer sessions lead you through prompts to pray through different areas of your business.

Coworking Sessions

Join our weekly virtual coworking sessions, and share your priorities with the room to help you with focus and accountability.

Facebook Group

Our members-only group provides day-to-day support, whether it’s asking questions, accountability, or encouragement!

Zoom Fridays

Each Friday, we have a Zoom community hangout to share our weekly wins and challenges before the weekend. Dip in and out as you have time for!

Christian Business Mentoring

“Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22

Each month, we have group mentoring calls hosted by our team of expert mentors.

They all have at least 10 years of relevant experience, and are wise Christians who are part of a local church family.

You can join any of these calls to ask questions & get feedback - the mentors have hearts to support you in your growth, and are generous with their knowledge and experience.

As well as our regular mentors, we also have guest experts and speakers who join us for one-off masterclasses. If there’s something you want to learn more about? Ask, and we’ll bring in an expert!

Join marketing expert Menekse Stewart for all things marketing and sales.

Join systems expert Josephine Owusu for business systems & processes.

Join branding expert Liz Mosley for all things branding and design.

Listen to Rev Dr Paul Blackham’s videos exploring reality, identity, and purpose.

Join Laurent Collective's Maya and Patrick for creative process and small business coaching.

Join Hope & Ginger founder Cath Sales for all things product business and small business growth.

Christian Business Training & Resources

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23

As part of your membership, you have 24/7 access to the members’ area which has an extensive library of training and resources designed to help you take action & grow your business. Some of the sections include...

Business Management

Including how to price your products & services and different elements of financial administration, goal setting & project planning, legal & copyright, building efficient systems & processes, and thinking through productivity & time management.

Discipleship & Personal Leadership

Devotionals & lessons designed to help business owners look to Jesus, exploring topics like identity, direction, and belief, plus an archive of prayer prompts & sessions to help you pray for different areas of your business.

Marketing & sales

including branding, marketing strategy, social media, content planning & prompts, Pinterest marketing, as well as selling with confidence, how to sell online, and different marketing strategies for product- and service- based businesses.

Mindset & leadership

Cultivating a Jesus-centred mindset in every part of our lives, including our identity and who we are, how we approach our strengths and weaknesses, developing resilience, courage, and boldness, dealing with fear, and living out of our comfort zones.

Products & services

Support for different business models, including things like finding suppliers, product development, and selling online for physical product businesses, as well as specific training for service- and digital- businesses including client onboarding & delivery, and developing revenue streams.


Access to all past mentoring calls and masterclasses, as well as a member perks section, and recommended resources ranging from further reading to our favourite business tools to our favourite podcasts to listen to while you’re working.

The Cheerful Business Club includes over 200+ lessons, including tutorials, masterclasses, and more!




This sounds amazing, sign me up!

The Cheerful Business Club will help you build your business confidently as a follower of Jesus. 

It will help you with focus, motivation, accountability, and clarity as you work towards your business goals. 

It will encourage you to have a bigger vision of Jesus and a business mindset shaped by Him.

It will give you training, systems, and tools to help you grow your business, whatever stage you are currently in. 

It will provide you with a support network of people who share your heart and understand your journey as a business owner. 

Even more of our members' stories...

"I love how Christ-focused everything is, I just love that so many of the teachings that we have in the lectures lead to Christ. It's just so wonderful to see examples of how to be in business and also be a Christian, even when you're not selling specifically Christian products. 

Since I joined The Club in August 2020, my business has grown *a lot*. It’s grown in sales, my social audience has grown, I’ve grown my mailing list, I’ve rebranded, and my confidence to try things out has grown. It has been amazing.

I have definitely been encouraged to pray more for my business - I'm praying about decisions I have to make and commitments, if they're right for me, what products to make… It has definitely made my business a lot more Christ-centred. I'm thinking in a different way than I did before The Cheerful Business Club. 

I am studying the Bible more, praying more - and it's not just praying about my business, it's how to build my life around Jesus instead of building Jesus around my life. It’s been very transformational."

Judith Cupples | Deer and Sparrow

"It's amazing to have like minded people who love Jesus and who are creative - a lot of the time you don't get that in your local church family, so it's amazing to have that online.

I've seen quite a steady flow of work and I'm sure that's from all the advice and help that I've been given, but also from the confidence it's given me to do the things that I love and be confident with the ideas that I have.

I pray about my business now, I didn't pray before, and that's a massive change. Beginning to think about all parts of my business as part of God's creation and something that I can bring to Him, and pray to Him about, and and talk to Him about. It has really brought me much closer to Jesus through business, which is amazing.

The Cheerful Business Club is by far the most encouraging thing that I have done during the whole of the last two years. Especially during Lockdown, it was more of a support to me than anything else. It's like-minded people who are creative and love Jesus, and that's quite hard to find."

Jenny Baker | Grizzli Bear

 6 reasons to join The Cheerful Business Club 🥳

1. You get Jesus centred business training

2. You have a community of peers to cheer you on

3. You get access to expert mentors for answers to your questions

4. You get training on mindset, systems, marketing, sales, and developing product- and service-based businesses.

5. You get accountability & support to help you reach your goals

6. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment!

Are you ready to start growing your business confidently as a follower of Jesus?

Join us inside The Cheerful Business Club!



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  • 📱 7+ monthly group mentoring calls
🙏🏽 Monthly prayer session and prompts to help you pray for different areas of your business

  • 📚 Members’ area with over 200 lessons, trainings, and resources
💕 Members’ only Facebook group

  • 💻 Weekly coworking sessions and community calls for encouragement & accountability



Get 2 months free + bonuses!

  • Everything in the Monthly membership, including group mentoring calls, library of resources, members' group and community calls. 

Plus, when you pay annually:

  • 💸 2 months' free when you pay annually (worth £60)
  • 📱 1-1 Mentoring Day with Menekse worth £295

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